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  • So apparently I got blocked by some members on a local facebook group because I was clearly a London Cycling Campaign sleeper agent in the anti LTN discussions. I was not, tbh not really heard about them, but I looked them up and there are some great benefits ….so i joined
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  • Best name for a women's plumbing company ever.
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  • At this rate Theresa May will go into Brexit negotiations on Monday and come out with us joining the Euro.
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  • I spent the best part of six months implementing GDPR policies on behalf of several clients. Businesses have better things to do with their time and money than to do the same for a UK variant of it This is not reducing red tape it’s adding another hue of tape on top
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  • Oh wow, did not realise when I first saw this feature in @wp_acf how massively powerful this is going to be, InnerBlocks with ACF. Again, wow. The only reason I was able to embrace block based themes is due to the work ACF has done. Epic.
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  • After all the government bluster about ‘protecting’ history and ‘britishness’, they allow a 450 year old bell foundry and maker of big ben to be turned into a hotel. In the end it’s always about money. Always.
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  • Overhead in Stoke Newington - ‘you liked Japanese steak when we had it in New York’ To a three year old. Epic.
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  • Jon Burke has been such a brilliant effective force for change in this area. A massive ally in the fight against climate change and active travel. Thankyou for everything and all the best of luck for whatever @jonburkeUK moves on to next.
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  • All the way through the ‘entire go to work’ but ‘don’t see your family’ approach is very confusing. I get there are different goals here, i.e protect the economy and protect life’s but they appear to clash congnitvely.
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  • 43p a day for Ros Atkins alone is worth it:
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  • Nearly forgot! It’s my 22 year workiversary. 22 years since I became a ‘Web Development & Marketing Assistant’ in 1999 and started using somethings called ‘E-Mail’ and ‘HTML’ (on the same day). I was also an hour late.
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  • Wow. The greenway entrance to the Olympic park has finally been opened. 7 years to connect these dots up. It’s like 30 meters but makes a huge difference for avoiding shitty big roads to get over to the Olympic park / Hackney wick.
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  • Classic 2021 headline. A vintage of the genre.
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  • Can’t do it. If he’s going to lie about Barnard Castle why listen to the other stuff. He should have just said I fucked up, I was scared for me and my family and I broke the rules. Maybe the other stuff is true, but it’s impossible to trust him.
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  • The governments ideas to help with the cost of living crisis: * Decrease safety on the roads (MOT every 2yrs) * Decrease safety in nurseries (staff/child ratios) * Decrease safety in fuel independence (dump net zero) All to avoid taxing oil companies and going after covid fraud
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  • Brilliant to see so many cyclists on the roads in mid-november, years past I was one of the only ones. But we need more protection @SadiqKhan. We’re the ones cleaning up London's air, please help us more.
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  • I achieved a thing. 2 days of training and had to do a test and everything, was genuinely nerve-wracking, I’ve done like 2 tests in the last 20 years.
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  • Putting my flat on the market so I can have my parents round to view it.
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  • This is rather lolz, you can see people clearly using Hammersmith bridge in the video **as an actual bridge**, but it’s declared as ‘closed’ because there are not planet killing cars on it.
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  • I dided a watercolour. It’s been quite a while since I stretched the fingers for stuff other than coding.
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